SIManager 2.8


with this update is possible to save some special character in the sim number : “#”,”;”,”,”

As beta function, you can now access sms saved on the sim; this function is limited for now: you can read and write the sms but only manually, without insert or pickup from native message database… and i think that for now this work only for standard gsm characters and not with chines, cyrillic etc but i wait for you feedback

If the function is of your interest, i will implement better and i will allow transfer from/to native message (maybe i will wait for ios5 that i suppose will change the database)

First time you will try to use sms function, you will get a db error, restarting SIManager again the new db will be created

Available in the next days into bigboss repo

For user that have infinite reading SIM on iphone 4, copy this into iphone into /tmp and rename as sendcmd (its not a true zip file), set 755 permission (execution) and from terminal or putty go into /tmp (cd /tmp) logged as root and run this command
./sendcmd “AT+CPBR=?”
and send me the output but if the result is like this
the device isnt accessible, dont know if caused by another app that use/patch commcenter of a bad jb.
But without a working device the app can do nothing…

Another clue can be the output of command ls /dev




i post a feedback received on 21/10 by Zgingo that may be usefull for all
I have a good news
Finnally simmanager work for me after i installed a new tweek called ultrasnowCN

SIManager 1.0 beta



1.8 is here :)

seem to work fine with extended characters like cyrillic, arabic chinese etc..

if you find some issue let me know


another addon of 1.8 is the lenght of field name saved into the SIM; since now was fixed to 14, now to optimize the use with the new SIM with more space, the field lenght is read from the SIM. To use this  feature, if a previous version of SIManager is installed, you must do a ‘read from SIM’ at least one time


Please remember how ‘fast read’ in the setup work: when on, the read from SIM loop is stopped at the 1st empty entry.. so if you save the contact without hole, in position 1 to 100 for example, at the position 101 (empty) the loop is stopped without read till 120 or 250 or 500 depending on sim capacity 


     1.5 sent now to beyouriphone



BUG FIX: from comments “when you import all contact from iPhone to sim, the last name was display first contrary to the manual + add. Seems the auto all contact import doesnt care thé firstname lastname option setup.Can you fix this please ? Thank you”


The copy iphone to SIM now check if a number already exist on SIM and bypass it





i have send now to beyouriphone the 1.4 with some fix and:


mod: when a contact is added to sim list is truncated immediately to the max 14 characters (now you see full name till saved to sim and reloaded)


new: added function Copy iPhone to SIM; of course if the SIM has sufficent capacity


mod: when a contact is added to sim list all space and special characters from numbers are removed (it was cause of error writing sim)


new: double tap on navigation bar to move the list; on center to go middle, a bit more to left or to right to go at the top or the bottom


hope you enjoy and that it work on all phone now :)



and please remember my RSS reader with push notification for FREE in AppStore : feed push :)   (ex pushNews)



******************* UPDATE:  the version 1.2 is now available on repo; all incompatibility with 3.1.2 should be removed… all peoples in direct contact with me are able toread the SIM with this version; dont know why somebody has yet the error.


if you contact me i will send a test app to check the answer of the SIM during initialyzing (we read how many contact can save the SIM)


the fast read swicth tell the application do not try to read full SIM but stop a the first empty entry ; if you are sure that your contact are save sequentially, can use this switch to fast the read function… if you are not sure leave the switch off and all possibile entry will be checked


1.2 BUG: the total number of possibilecontact on the SIM wa not retained, so opening the application and adding contact you will see a message “the SIM is full”; of course isnt true, the 1.3 that i sent to beyouriphonesolve this bug




this is yet a beta version because i cannot test on all devices model/all firmware/all base band, so maybe it dont work on some configuration…   i dont need it for myself  but i have received some request fom users that was using an application available on cydia for 2.x firmare, so i write SIManager :)   that will be available in the next days

A little note about it work:


when yuo use Read from SIM function the contact are save in a local database and next time you open SIManager this db is used to show the contacts; the function is a bite slow,be patience:)



Standard SIM allow only 2 field, a description of 14 characters and a phone number



  • black background mean that contact is as it was read from SIM
  • red background mean that the contact is deleted
  • dark red background mean the contact has been modifyed


When the information will be saved back to the SIM all background return to black


Select the contact to be modified



and import into phone contacts



or touch the + button to pickup a contact from phone and save in the SIM list



available in cydia in the repo

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