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As suggested by Martin, an easy recapitulation steps to Managing your SIM:

1 – Unlock SIM if you are using a SIM lock and it is not already unlocked.
2 – Allow iPhone to finish “Searching” for carrier — at this point it doesn’t matter whether Airplane mode is on or off.
3 – “Read from SIM” will import the contacts from your SIM card into the SIManager Local List (unchanged imported contacts have a neutral color in list). Note: if you get a database error, restart the app.
4 – Replace, Delete, Import, or Modify contacts by pressing the contact you want to act on (turning it yellow) bringing up the “Edit Local Contact” menu (changed contacts will be in green, deleted contacts will be in red).
5 – “+” will add contacts bring up the “Add Local Contact” menu (new contacts will be in green).
6 – The function wheel will bring up the “List Function Menu” for Clearing, Deleting All, Resorting, Backing up and Restoring the Local List, Importing the iPhone Addressbook, and for starting and stopping the Debug Log.
7 – “Write to SIM” after all changes are made to the Local List will save it back to the SIM.

IMPORTANT : at end of modification you MUST WRITE the SIM to permanent save the contacts; all contacts in the local list become gray, then you can close the app

****************** UPDATE ******************
added beta support so SMS, a bit limited for now but i wait your feedback


seem that with last jb tool there are some iphone without /var/mobile/Documents folder so now the application create it if its not present

completely rewritten the read routine with a great improvement in the speedy -)

sent today 13/04 at the repo man, i think should be available for end of week

****************** UPDATE ******************

- add compatibility with 4.3.1 (tested only with 3 iphone4 but i think on 3gs work 2.4 too)
- fix the coding routine with some charset like greek
- fix error with some sim where was read a secondary phonebook with 3 or 5 entries instead the main phonebook

****************** UPDATE ******************

at last i have found a way to read the sim on the iphone 4 too :) (thank to bechstein and saurik irc chat for the tips)

Its available on the bigboss/ispazio official repo.

For the people that got error ‘Database is corrupted’ , please check in is there a folder /var/mobile/Documents. If isnt there create it and kill – restart SImanager (for strange reason on some JB iPhone this directory was not automatically created)

****************** UPDATE ******************
seem that some device have the default modem setting a bit different : this cause an error message is displayed after the 1st contact is saved on the sim and procedure is stopped.
I think will be fixed this weekend





seem that there are issue with some type of SIM, so i have add a log trace during the read function.


If you have issue proceed with these step:


tool / start log creation




perform the usual Read SIM function and at end tool / Send log




A send email form will be show, with log already attacched


Please, keep in mind that the log is a trace of connection from the software with your SIM, so maybe that it contain some personal information (number and contacts)! If uou not agree to send this information, for debug only ofcourse, NOT send any email




hello guys,


to start, i remember you that  SIManager work on a ‘local copy’ of SIM data and all modification are made on this local database; to bring the change into SIM (add, change or deletion) you MUST use Write To SIM function. Another important note: the first time you use SIManager, or you exchange the SIM of iPhone, you MUST use the Read From SIM function because only using it SIManager can know how many contact can store your SIM. If you dont do it will receive the error message SIM is full! trying to add any contact!


To empty the sim:

  • Read from SIM
  • Tool / Empty SIM (all row become red)
  • Write to SIM


New with 1.9

Search bar to search name or number

Sort the local list to name or position into SIM (the default)

The navigation bar now display SIMan (xx/yy) where xx are the number of contacts used and yy the total number of contact that your SIM can store


So now with tool menu you can



with Add (+) you can choice to pickup a contact from iPhone or enter it manually





selecting an entry from the list


Where replace change the selected entry with a contact picked from iPhone where with modify you can edit directly the entry.


All SIM that i have directly tested work fine, you you have issue with some SIM model (i have read that italian 3 sim ha not work) the only chance to solve the issue is to find a user with the problem and a good knowledge of iphone that can test for me some command with SSH (or send me a SIM)



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