pushNews 1.1



i’m doing final test of the new version….  1.1 still not manage a sync with google reader but i will try to add in the future :)


for now the version will add


  • a better test of the feed you are trying to add; this should prevent the user to add bad url, like www.facebook.com for example and the application to crash when some bad url was added


  • the news can be now read in full screen mode; this can be done by tool menu or with a slide left to right gesture


  • the news can be read in landscape mode; as suggested to me by some user, the screen rotation is disabled by default to prevent unwanted rotation… the rotation can be enable by tool menu and will stay active till you close the application


If someone want test this new version in the next days let me know, four eyes are better then two :)


For other request or suggestion, please leave a comment here

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