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monitoring the database on my server, i can see so many feeds (too many)  that is subscribed but never read…  maybe somebody subscribe just for test, maybe somebody has removed the application, maybe somebody read only the push and then read full news with other application :(


I’m sorry, but to prevent an unnecessary overload of server and for try to have a ‘support’ from the advertise to pay the dedicate server, starting with the next days the push will be send only to the users that use pushNews to read the news…


in other words, the push will be send :

  • up to 8 hours from the last time the application was used (this is a common practice, @numbuzz for example send push for max 1 hour when youclose the application)


  • the badge (counter of unread push) is not more then 10 (there are lot of users with badge > 150)

i can use more large parameters in the future when the situation will be normalized and the subscribed feed will be feed effectively read by users of pushNews….  help me to find a good compromise

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