iThinkYou 1.0


iThinkYou is an original app in its kind. Every day we are using all the social networks where everybody leaves messages, comments, thoughts about friends, relatives, idols and…
just from this “thought” was born the idea of “iThinkYou”, to get the possibility to leave a “think”, directly from your iphone, about someone you loved…. as a friend, your grandpa, idol or everyone who unfortunately is not with us anymore!!!

Just open iThinkYou, choose the template, write a thought, upload a photo and keep his/her memory alive sharing it with all the people who knew him/her by facebook, twitter, emails or particularly publishing it in the website (after a simple and free registration).

In addition, through iThinkYou you can write and send a necrology in case you want to let all your friends aware about commemorations, ceremonies…

But you can use the app also in an ironic and playful respect …. maybe to make a joke to your friends. Prepare a facetious template in which you can say, for example, that his football team is dead, out from the championship, and then send to him or link it into your social network. In the end, enjoy it with all your friends.

download here and enjoy


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