i love Renato Zero, and in all my previous phone i have alway used a random collection of his songs as ringtone…. this was missing on my iphone so far and this little utility allow me to have that back

RandomRing for now work only with ringtones loaded into iphone from itunes screenhunter_4

and require some manual step:

  • create a ringtone in Itunes from your Mac or windows system and name it RandomRing (or download from here or from here ) and then sync the iphone (this step only 1st time)
  • now if you want enable the random ring go into standard preferences applicatation and select as ringtone RandomRing : from now everytime you recevive a call the ringtone will change

How activate

There is of course a daemon that monitor for icoming call but from my test (2G version) the battery drain is almost null. To activate the daemons you can:

  • install RandomRing BossPrefs Toggle from cydia if you use that utility
  • reboot the iphone if you dont use BossPrefs (SBSetiing cannot use launchctl to start services)
  • Enjoy RandomRing

    PS. for a misunderstanding with Fabiano of iSpazio, for some minutes the package had an issue and was installing a ringtone called RandomRing into /Library/Ringtones but the application manage only ringtones installed and synced by iTunes in the ringtone section…  so when you install the ringtone downloaded from link posted before you will se 2 RandomRing : one will work as random and one not :(

    You can delete manually the file /Library/Ringtones/Randomring.m4r; sorry  for the problem…


    My applications are and will remain completely free, but due the conjunture my company start to cut many work place, so i have opened a paypal account and if someone like, without any obligation, can donate something…


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