feedPush and IOS4



there are problems with actual release of feedPush and the new apple’s OS :(


i have sent an update 2 weeks ago but i’m still waiting for approve, hope will be very soon

feedPush 1.4


soon will be available an update with these features:


  • sync with ReadItLater service




  • new option for any feed



- the feed description can be modified in edit function (during insert (+) its read from feed)

- push sender field:  if not empty, will be used to display the feed originator in the push message (keep it as short as possibile, the complete push message cannot exceed 255 characters)

- autorefresh: if on the feed will automatically refreshed every time you open the application



  • forward news



by eMail or sending link to ReadItLater service

feed push 1.2



i will send the new update just  iTunes connect will be back…



You can now select the row in every point to see the feed news; the blue arrow disclosure will show the feed detail view.

If you have a lot of feed, a double tap on the navigation bar will scroll the list to first row


The tool button will display now a setup function


insert here your Google Reader user and password if you want to sync feedpush with Google Reader.

Google Reader is an aggregator and is update with much delay in front of original feed, so i cannot read news from there because when i send a push the news is not yet available on Google Reader.

The news will read from original feed; for this reason the integration with Google Reader has only this feature:

  • import feed from Reader (from feed detail, add feed function)
  • export feed from feed push to Reader (from feed detail, edit feed function)
  • mark all as read: when you mark a feed or all feeds ‘as read’ in feed push, your Reader will be syncronized and marked as read. Remember that Reader maybe has not yet the last news just published, so they will be not marked as read







You can now touch a row in every point to read the news; to go back at the top of news list double tap on navigation screen


In the read news view, the gesture to select full screen and go back are changed to avoid issue when you want scroll a page horizontally; the slide to activate the special functions now must be long at least 200 pixel, so almost every the screen

pushFeed 1.1 sent to Apple

The update has been sent to Apple yesterday; this is a minor update:


- i had a contact with Apple for a copyright issue: an application named push news was already sell in the US AppStore so starting with new release the application name will be pushFeed :)


- in the add feed function now there is a better check of URL validity (many user was trying to use a web site url instead a feed url)


- reading articles the user now can set a full screen mode


- reading articles the user now can use a landscape mode

In the next days i will start to send 1.2 version to some beta testers.


This update will add Google Reader Sync function:


- import feed into pushFeed from Google Reader


- export feed from pushFeed to Google Reader


- mark article as read on Google Reader when read in pushFeed


Some users report to me that push was not recived: please remember that now push will be send only to users that effectly use pushFeed to read the news.
After 24 hours that pushFeed is been closed or after 10 unread news the push will be suspended; to have back the push is enough use pushFeed again :)
Please report to me the feed that pushFeed is not able to manage client or server side (push never received); many minor feeds are not correctly formatted but i can try to manage they anyway…


One more thing :) if you like pushFeed, recommend it to your friends :)
I hope in the future to pay the montly fee for the dedicated server for the push with advertise, but its only possibile with a good number of users :)

pushNews 1.1



i’m doing final test of the new version….  1.1 still not manage a sync with google reader but i will try to add in the future :)


for now the version will add


  • a better test of the feed you are trying to add; this should prevent the user to add bad url, like www.facebook.com for example and the application to crash when some bad url was added


  • the news can be now read in full screen mode; this can be done by tool menu or with a slide left to right gesture


  • the news can be read in landscape mode; as suggested to me by some user, the screen rotation is disabled by default to prevent unwanted rotation… the rotation can be enable by tool menu and will stay active till you close the application


If someone want test this new version in the next days let me know, four eyes are better then two :)


For other request or suggestion, please leave a comment here

push policy



monitoring the database on my server, i can see so many feeds (too many)  that is subscribed but never read…  maybe somebody subscribe just for test, maybe somebody has removed the application, maybe somebody read only the push and then read full news with other application :(


I’m sorry, but to prevent an unnecessary overload of server and for try to have a ‘support’ from the advertise to pay the dedicate server, starting with the next days the push will be send only to the users that use pushNews to read the news…


in other words, the push will be send :

  • up to 8 hours from the last time the application was used (this is a common practice, @numbuzz for example send push for max 1 hour when youclose the application)


  • the badge (counter of unread push) is not more then 10 (there are lot of users with badge > 150)

i can use more large parameters in the future when the situation will be normalized and the subscribed feed will be feed effectively read by users of pushNews….  help me to find a good compromise

pushNews 1.0



soon on App Store this my feed reader with push notifications (free but with ad support) … yes, just another reader but with plus of optionally set the push service on individual feed; the project was start time ago but i had not much time to work on it…


There is not much to tell about a feed reader, here you can see some screenshot:











If the appllication will have a discrete success i will add some feature to the push option, like personalized sound and the possibility of set a slot time (feed by feed).

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