iComing ios5


here the deb file for ios5, most of function work but i have not tested all so far

iComing 4.0 available on Cydia


the version is compatible with last fw, all work fine with two limitation

- ring function : only dial will work for now
- mail service : i must check something, not use this service for now

all other stuff should be ok from my test

there is now only one package to install, the statusbar addon is inside it

If someone have good idea to implement in iComing let me know

IOS4 -)

Finally i have the new 4g so i can start to test my application, maybe will be not easy for some one, so i dont have a relase date…


  • iComing

not work, im working on because i use it every days and i need it :)

probably some function will be lost, but i hope to release at least the basic functions

update: im testing, no more deamon but native background…  main issue is that, as for SIManager, cannot access the modem so is impossibile to dial a phone number with locked iphone :(



  • fakeAPN & switchAPN

i have not tested yet but i have recevied some mail so it not work; maybe these isnt so usefull now that ios4 has a native function to disable data and there is the sbsettings toggle

*** UPDATE *** i  have just checked and fakeapn itself work with ios4 too, but at end of the process of apn change, i call a service of sbsetting that isnt working with ios4 so far (phone toggle); bigboss is working on so i think in the next days should be solved



  • CallMe

should work but seem isnt perfect; the issue with icons created with image take with new fw seem to be a fw bug and is accepted by apple so probably with 4.1 will be fixed




  • SIManager

i had tested few week ago the actual version with some users on 3gs with ios4 and was ok; on mine new 4g doesnt work, the modem give no answer, so the GUI is ok but the sim isnt read

Can somebody confirm that is able to read sim on 4g ?? NO, DEFINITIVELY not work on 4g :(

iComing 1.2



no new functions but only improvement of firmware 3.0 compatibility…


the main issue from my test was that Call and Ring function (made with a call to safari, with url tel://) not work with 3.0 if the screen is off -)


Now this function work but iComing use a low level modem function, so the call will be recorded in the history as unknow number, but i thinks this is not a big issue…


best regards



i have just upgrade the firwmare (pity) and, by a fast test, seem that RandomRing, iDNS and CallMe run fine, at least on my iphone.


iComing has a problem because the background process crash just started -(


Pity the development environment downloadable from cydia not work under 3.0; saurik say he must repackage it for 3.0 but is very busy because many other things have problem with new firmware….  so to patch iComing i must wait for him, hope the wait is not too long -)


*****************  UPDATE  ******************


i have recompiled ComingSrv directly on a mac… the crash was during the update of the badge with the status (i dont know yet how to do it from a background process with OS3) so for now is mandatory use the StatusBar addon to know the status of iComing


If someone want do some test and report here which service doesnt work, can download the new process from here and copy the file with ssh into /ust/bin/ComingSrv; the permission must be 755


for sure the mail service not work because apple has changed everything with 3.0; the other service will tested the next week


waiting for your feedback too :)




*****************  UPDATE 2 *****************


on my old 2g the Call and Ring function doesnt work is the monitor of iphone is turned off, seem that apple has added a contro to tel:// url : safari not make a call if screen is off because if i get screen on iComing work fine…


of course is not usefull with this issue -)     sms work in both situation


please if someone use iComing yet, can confirm if this issue is true for any model/configuration ??

iComing Status Bar

Few weeks ago Matthias ask me to add a status bar notification of the iComing status, due he has iComing icon under a folder of category, so its not always immediately visible…  we have tested it and then i have forgot to release -)

Its is a mobile substrate addon, so i prefer to create a separate addon, so who is not interested is not obliged to install it with the main package

The icons displayed are:


iComing is ON (badge show ON)



iComing is wait to rewake later (badge show the hour of rewake)



iComing sleep until tomorrow (badge show Tom)




iComing 1.0

I have sent the update to iSpazio but they are very busy, dont sure when the package will be available to cydia

Many thanks to Matthias and Lorenzo for the test and the ideas…

we have add some little feature asked to me and some technical adjustment

iComing and calendar


few users have asked for an integration with calendar to activate the previously defined targets… the kind of integration proposed are various but at the moment the more useful seems to be:

iComing 0.9

hi all,

for a my error the pickupfrom contact function was not present, this night iSpazio will update the package on cydia

another little improvement with two functions requested will be released in the next days (sorry for delay but i havent answer from iSpazio):

  • history log of events


SMS issue of iComing


i have received feedback from 2 users that have problem with SMS feature of iComing but on mine and my beta tester iPhones all work fine, so i would like to understand where can be the problem.

Please answer to the poll and, if you use SMS, write  in the other field your version of modem firmware


[polldaddy poll=1360436]

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