CallMe – iDNS


sorry but there are few issue with some special permission in the cydia deploy

the guy that manage the repo is working on it but when he has update must be wait few days that cydia refresh the package

CallMe 4.1 should work only for who have update from previous version; for new installation the 4.2 (really callme splash-screen say 1.4) solve this issue. Should be available this evening or tomorrow in cydia: the users that report issue please remove the 4.1 and reinstall the 4.2 from clear

iDNS 4.1 : same here for some permission the daemons not run; the repo manager is delivering the 4.2 that solve the issue and add the option auto-start on reboot (no status bar icon)

thanks for patience to the users and jesse for the effort updating the repo

iDNS 4.0



a big jump to 4.0 :)   just tobe clear that now is full compatible with ios4/iphone 4


From the GUI is disappear the Refresh timer slide because now iDNS automatically refresh your provider avery time your IP is changed


thanks to the guys that helpme in the test, not to the guys that ask me the version to test and then never send me a feedback :)



*************** UPDATE

i will update the cydia package this weekend, in the mean time who want can do these command from terminal or ssh

from folder /private/var/stash/Applications/ logged as root:

chown root iDNSGUI

chown root launchctl

chmod 6755 launchctl



In stand-by for a while



i am away for job till end of october, so the delivery of the update for iDNS and Fantateam will have a delay -(



CallMe 1.0, that solve the issue with fw 3.1 already sended to iSpazio, hope will be available in cydia for tomorrow

iDNS 2.0



i have finally found free time to implement the features request by many users





i have add a toggle for update WIFI IP and a toggle to choice, if you update WIFI too, if  use the internal (fe. or public  ip address


From my test all seem ok,but i dont use VPN on my iphone, if somebody has VPN configured and found some bug, let me know


very soon it will be available on cydia



iDNS 1.1


as requested i have add the support for DNS-O-Matic (with this provider the hostname is not used and DNS-O-Matic will update all linked provider with the provided IP)


as requested now iDNS update also WiFi IP; when run it check if WiFi has an IP and if so use it, otherwise check for data IP (remember that sometime the edge/3g is not connected, to made a connection is enough open meteo or another application that use data connection)

iDNS 1.0

Delivered tomorrow to iSpazio…..

To start i would like to thanks the team of the old project for firmware 1.x, idyndsn, for the inspiration and to Sagitt for the icons


Sagitt ask me to port that application to 2.x but was easy to completely rewrite the project… dont know if many other people can be interested in this client but my friend is happy..


In two words iDNS is a client for dyndns and noIP service

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