CallMe 5.1


the update to fix issue on springboard freeze after a call is already sent to the guys of the repo

soon will be available onc ydia

CallMe – iDNS


sorry but there are few issue with some special permission in the cydia deploy

the guy that manage the repo is working on it but when he has update must be wait few days that cydia refresh the package

CallMe 4.1 should work only for who have update from previous version; for new installation the 4.2 (really callme splash-screen say 1.4) solve this issue. Should be available this evening or tomorrow in cydia: the users that report issue please remove the 4.1 and reinstall the 4.2 from clear

iDNS 4.1 : same here for some permission the daemons not run; the repo manager is delivering the 4.2 that solve the issue and add the option auto-start on reboot (no status bar icon)

thanks for patience to the users and jesse for the effort updating the repo

IOS4 -)

Finally i have the new 4g so i can start to test my application, maybe will be not easy for some one, so i dont have a relase date…


  • iComing

not work, im working on because i use it every days and i need it :)

probably some function will be lost, but i hope to release at least the basic functions

update: im testing, no more deamon but native background…  main issue is that, as for SIManager, cannot access the modem so is impossibile to dial a phone number with locked iphone :(



  • fakeAPN & switchAPN

i have not tested yet but i have recevied some mail so it not work; maybe these isnt so usefull now that ios4 has a native function to disable data and there is the sbsettings toggle

*** UPDATE *** i  have just checked and fakeapn itself work with ios4 too, but at end of the process of apn change, i call a service of sbsetting that isnt working with ios4 so far (phone toggle); bigboss is working on so i think in the next days should be solved



  • CallMe

should work but seem isnt perfect; the issue with icons created with image take with new fw seem to be a fw bug and is accepted by apple so probably with 4.1 will be fixed




  • SIManager

i had tested few week ago the actual version with some users on 3gs with ios4 and was ok; on mine new 4g doesnt work, the modem give no answer, so the GUI is ok but the sim isnt read

Can somebody confirm that is able to read sim on 4g ?? NO, DEFINITIVELY not work on 4g :(

CallMe and IOS4

hi all,


have received report that calling with contacticon created by CallMe, start an endless call/hang-up/call loop; this is caused by new background function of ios4


an update will be available soon but i have a 2g and cannot install ios4, if somebody with ssh installed want test for me, please leave here a comment


Some users tell me that CallMe with ios4 create a white icon… its not an issue of CallMe because the icon are correct; here the result of some email with Mark

Hi again Giovanni,

I have managed to sort out this problem. I figured it may be a problem with Winterboard, so I removed it, rebooted and the Callme icons appeared immediately. I then re installed Winterboard and the icons are still there and displaying perfectly. I’m guessing it’s just a weird thing with upgrading to iOS4 and Winterboard, but all good now.


There is a bug with photo take with new os in vertical position: in this case the icon are created 90 degree clock wise; i suppose its a bug of sdk but i will investigate


**** i have sent the 1.3 to iSpazio: it solve the call loop (but the contact’s icon must be deleted and created with new version) and i hope the new respring now work with ios4 too ****

Callme 1.2



this little update to add a custom label creating a contact and change the number of contacts that can be create up to 60;

 choice type of icon and then custom if you like…




Available in the next days on cydia

CallMe 1.1



as request by some users, here a little update with new contact’s icons to send message (SMS)


after you have choice the phone entry to add in springboard, you will asked for the type of icon must be create



you can know if icon was create for phone call or message




If somebody need, i can add an icon for email in the next update

In stand-by for a while



i am away for job till end of october, so the delivery of the update for iDNS and Fantateam will have a delay -(



CallMe 1.0, that solve the issue with fw 3.1 already sended to iSpazio, hope will be available in cydia for tomorrow

CallMe 1.0


i have completely rewitten the GUI to avoid the memory issue with many thousand of contacts and looking for somebody want to test, specially if is a peolple that cant use actual version for the crash during startup -)

CallMe package



i have received many mail of peoples that must install CallMe but the iSpazio repo is down; i think it will be back sunday when Fabiano coming back from the holidays.


In the mean time if you like candownload the deb package from here




CallMe and the white screen


since 2 days ago i got a white screen after a call made from an CallMe’s icon and i have received some mail too


One problem though. After I use the icon to dial I hang up. This is where the problem starts, it doesn’t go back to the home screen or the phone app. Instead, a plain white screen that doesn’t go away. Any ideas?


I have found the is a conflict with last versione of backgrounder, at least in my case; if you set Animation to OFF in the backgrounder setup the problem is solved!

Just i have time i will investigate where can be the problem…



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