KeepAwake update

hi all,

with the help of sagitt, member of iSpazio, seem the problem of garbage text in the screen is solved… the problem was the dimension of icons used for status bar; the new icons has been created by sagitt, thanks!

The very strange thing is why this issue wasnot present on every iphone ?????

this night iSpazio will publish the update, hope the problem is solved for everyone



maybe someone has found and installed this SBSettings toggle…
i know that on some iphone it create problems with garbage text but pity on mine and my beta testersall works fine so isnot easy to understand where is the problem…
also many people on ispazio blog confirm me that run ok but someone has problems
if here someone has these problems with KeeAwake, please report all springboard addon installed and other low-level tool application; i will try to configure my iphone like yours to try to replicate the bug/incompatibility


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