iPhone 6

iPhone 4 & 3GS dictation without Siri

On my test repo can be find a package (stt) that add dictation function on the devices without Siri
After the install you must assign a gesture from Activator setup;


in the various application, when the keyboard is active, you can apply the gesture and when popup is displayed you can tell what you want write.


The language is obtain from the current keyboard language (I have test only Italian and English).
This’s a beta version, so may be sometime crash the springboard and go in safe mode :)

The repo URL is http://pushnews.no-ip.biz/repo

Let me know what you think about it


SIManager 2.5


now work on iphone 4 & 4.3.1

- add compatibility with 4.3.1 (tested only with 3 iphone4 but i think on 3gs work 2.4 too)

- fix the coding routine with some charset like greek

- fix error with some sim where was read a secondary phonebook with 3 or 5 entries instead the main phonebook

soon available on cydia

iJDownloader 1.0


*********** for the crash at start with 3G device i have already sent the update to ispazio

in the mean time you can copy the file into the .rar into /Apllications/iJDownloader.app

To use with public internet ip/dns remember to properly set the switch intranet/internet into setup tab


as requested by some users, this is an interface for remote control of the popular JDownloader. You need to be able to reach your pc from the net configuring the firewall of course, and must activate the JDRemote control addon.

Its in neta tester in these days and will be release very soon; thank to Giovanni Lauricella for the graphics!





to add file tou can enter directly the link and touch add, or browse the net using the right arrow; later when you touch a link in the page iJDownloader will ask you if want open the link in the browser or add link to the download queue

Aiutino per Alice – Little help for Alice





sono Alice, la figlia di alice_anto, sto partecipando ad un concorso. Ti dispiacerebbe darmi una mano per vincere un cd autografato di Justin Bieber e un meet&greet !?


Cosa devi fare ?? Devi semplicemente andare su http://www.universalmusic.it/specials/selenavsjustin/svjvota.php , votare Justin Bieber, inserire il tuo indirizzo email e il codice amico 19374 (il mio codice).


Ricordati che ti arriverà una mail dagli organizzatori del concorso per la conferma della votazione.


Grazie mille in anticipo, spero vivamente che molti di voi mi aiutino.


E ora.. Votateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Fatelo per me e il mio papino. Ihihihihih. ;)


Ciao. Alice. :)   :)







I am Alice, alice_anto’s daughter, can you help me with an italian contest ??


What must do you do ?? It’s very easy… Open this link http://www.universalmusic.it/specials/selenavsjustin/svjvota.php , vote Justin Bieber, then insert your email and my friend-code 19374 in the field “codice amico”.


Please remember to confirm you vote when you receive an email from the organization of the contest called “selenavsjustin@universalmusic.it”


Thank you a lot.


I hope so badly that a lot of people will help me.  ;)


Now people…. Let’s vooooooooooote. Do it for me and my daddyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Ihihihihihih.


Helloooooooooooooooooooo!! :)   :)



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